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The Silver Bows is currently recruiting the following:
                                   The Silver Bows Welcome You.
The Silver Bows were founded by 5 friends who were longtime players of various classes. Malhyanda and Tyroloco had characters in allied guilds, and had bounced the idea around with some friends about a guild comprised primarily of Shadow Warriors. A guild that would function as a guild of old, where ideas were shared and learned for the sole purpose of training Shadow Warriors. With this idea, Malhyanda, Tyroloco, Fluidity, And Reignofdeath founded The Silver Bows. 

                      ---WELCOME TO THE SILVER BOWS GUILD PAGE---
We are a group of players exploring an idea to revitalize the Guild System in Warhammer. Our guild's focus is the Shadow Warrior character class, but we wish to have the players of other Elf classes shown the same concentration as Shadow Warriors. Our intent is to create a guild where players can come to learn, or share information about thier class within the guild. Respect for Guildmates is required. We're all long time players who have found that mutual respect helps foster teamwork and enjoyable game experiences.
    Guild members are not required to roll exclusively with the guild, but attendance on our weekly Guild Hunt Nights is strongly encouraged.
  If anything a slightly different and hopefully fun way to play with like minded Shadow Warriors ( And our other Elven classes, and of course our Dwarf mascots ) looking for a home.
Respect for Guildmates is required. We're all long time players who have found that mutual respect helps foster teamwork and enjoyable game experiences.

Use of the assist macro is also strongly recommended. We have the goal of training people to lead 5 and 6 person teams as Hunt Packs. With each team having a Hunt Leader, and the other members of the team using the assist macro to focus firepower on a single target.

To make an assist macro that you can drop into your tool bar ( preferably 1st space )
  1. Go to the "WAR" Tab at the top of you User Interface.
  2. Click "MACROS"
  3. For Macro Name, type /assist
  4. For macro Text, type /assist
  5. Choose an Icon and then click save.
  6. Drag the icon from you saved list to the #1 slot in you tool bar.
  7. Find someone and click on them, either their toon, or their name if you are in a warband together, then hit 1. You should automatically target anything they are aiming at. Needless to say, this can bring a lot of focused fire onto a target. If rolling with guild mates, swap out on who is target leader once and a while. Teamwork is key. You'll get to know each other, and after a time, instinctively know how your team is best suited to combat.
Insults, screaming or berating guildmates will not be tolerated. We'd rather find every players strength, and in doing so make both their experience better, and our guild stronger.

No duping.

No exploits.
   <<<< The above applies to interactions with non guild players as well.>>>>>>
                Other guild leaders have come to our players defense when such actions occur.
                                           It won't be tolerated from members of our guild...

Guild recruiting rules-

Elf classes highest priority.
Dwarves are accepted as well.
Human classes accepted on a very rare and exceptional basis. ( Healers who roll with us, or players who help us out beyond the random call of duty )

High council or higher rank may guild invite. This was changed from all ranks except Flechettes due to too many non elf toons being invited into guild. We have an agreement with our alliance, we're where the elves go :-)


We're under construction at the moment, but if you're in the guild you can add your name to our roster by following the guildportal instructions below.

Getting Members Here: Easy. Give them the URL to your site and let them know to apply. By default, the application process is single-click and painless (you can add application questions later on, if you like). If you have e-mail addresses of your guild members, however, head to your Control Panel and click Member Management (over on the left), and then click E-Mail Invites.

Thank you for choosing GuildPortal as your guild's website host! For more information, check our Frequently Asked Questions, Videos and the Admin Community, where other guild leaders using GuildPortal hang out.  If you need help, we're only a support ticket away!
Guild News

We Have a Group on Facebook. Stop on by....

SilverBowyer, Mar 23, 14 2:37 PM.

"We did whtat must be done"

SilverBowyer, Dec 19, 13 11:39 AM.

Thanks for making the first MMO and first guild I ever ran so much fun. A finer group of people I could never imagine meeting. Hopefully we'll end up somewhere. Until then, keep us posted on your adventures/new games to try. 
 With a heavy heart I logged in this morning. First I ran a toon my grand daughter had been playing to The Shining Way and took a pic or two to frame for an xmess gift. Then I logged my main and Bows guild lead and rode to the same spot. Knowing I'd be unable to partake in the actual shut down due to work, I planted the banner of a small guild that at times was at the right place to turn huge battles. A band of good friends, who I will never forget in this setting. Then I hit exit game. knowing I'd never pick up the banner of a small but proud guild. I took screenies of each time stamp countdown....

"Our number is few,
Our errand is dire,
We did what must be done."


Still out here

SilverBowyer, Oct 28, 13 10:54 PM.
Yep I am, ran with Nidle for a bit lat night as well. Got a nasty cold, so between the move, and that, I'm pretty flattened. But out here. Will check in here and in game as I can. November should see more game time and time to explore other games as well.
 Until then, Good luck and good hunting.

something for fun

SilverBowyer, Oct 19, 13 12:30 PM.

Know Thine Enemy

SilverBowyer, Aug 13, 13 10:34 AM.

Video channel of some of our destro friends and enemies. Entertaining to watch. Already Caught Nid running one down. I'm sure I will see me dying a lot...
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